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We see ourselves as the first call for professional support services.


In our business - timing is EVERYTHING...

It is our mission to be available for the first call for any challenging situation. We are agile, responsive, flexible, and focus on getting it done.


We are experienced in identifying problems and it is our mission to provide credible solutions to any challenging situation. T47’s professionals have a distinctive practice that differentiates us from the rest: We thrive on getting it right the first-time. Every client, product, and solutions will be delivered to far exceed the customer’s expectation.

  • Professional Services

  • Medical & Dental Case Management

  • Acquisition Support/Budgeting

  • Facility Operations/Logistics/Property Management

  • Academic Advising/Governance/Strategy

  • Personnel Security
  • Administrative Support

We thrive on getting it right the first-time

No job is too big or small for T47 team of experts.

Company Information

T47 International (T47) is the first call and next call for professional support services.  It is our mission to provide outstanding technical and operational support to every customer.  We thrive on getting it right the first time.  T47 service capabilities include medical and dental (clinical and non-clinical) case management, facility operations, logistics and supply technical analysis, acquisition support, budget/resource management, strategic analysis and governance, and security access control.

Our Corporate Structure

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