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Our Corporate Commitment


As a company with a global reach, we are committed to ensure that we make a positive difference in the lives that we have the privilege to support.

  • Creating revolutionary innovations that change the way people think or act
  • Developing sustainable solutions that are effective and provide cost savings to the customers
  • Creating a value through superior service
  • Creating a global community of employees that want to work because work is fun
  • Valuing diversity that embraces creativity of thought and limitless possibilities 

We invite you to be part of our global community.

As we expand our presence throughout the world, we want you to be part of our global footprint.

We Believe Diversity is the Key to Success.

Veterans: 23.2%

Disabled: 3.5%

Gender: Males: 41.2%,  Females: 55.7%, Not Defined: 3.1%

Generations: Millennials: 27.7%, Generation X: 35.6%, Baby Boomers: 19.7%, Pre Baby Boomers: 1%

Turnover Rate: Industry: 2.5%, T47: < 1%

Retention:  Average Tenure: 5.6 years,  In Business: 8 years

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