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T47 International strives to provide personnel that possess the breadth and depth of knowledge to support environmental quality reporting, resource and operational sustainability for all customers.

It is our expectation that we provide a full range of Environmental Quality services (Compliance, Conservation, and Pollution Prevention) to:

  1. Support military installations throughout the world; and 
  2. Seeking ways and means to assess and integrate natural resource laws, values, and sound environmental practices.

Environmental Compliance and Reporting

Environmental compliance and reporting is a key element for senior leaders to make sound business decisions to help protect our environment and promote a healthy environment for individual responsibility to be good environmental stewards. We are committed to these principles and environmental stewardship will lead to more efficient and effective solutions and will enable senior leaders to further leverage resources through collaboration. This is essential for successful integrated resources management, restoration of the environment and sustainable and energy efficient. T47’s is committed to: 

  • Foster sustainability as a way of life throughout the organization. 
  • Proactively consider environmental consequences of all activities and act accordingly. 
  • Create mutually supporting economic and environmentally sustainable solutions for our customers.
  • Continue to meet our corporate responsibility and accountability under the law for activities undertaken by the customers, which may impact human and natural environments. 

Conservation and Soil Testing

T47 team of research and development subject matter experts specialize in developing viable tools to advance and facilitate soil testing and conservation solutions. We think outside the traditional model of information gathering and push the envelope to improve sustainable solutions for our customers. Additionally, our experts:

  • Consider the environment when recommending a risk management and systems approach throughout the life cycles of projects and programs. 
  • Leverage scientific, economic and social knowledge to understand the environmental context and effects of an Agency’s action in a collaborative manner. 
  • Employ an open, transparent process that respects views of individuals and groups interested of our customers.
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