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T47 International’s systems integration solutions ensure secure information access and sharing across the Intelligence Community’s most highly classified and sensitive network environments.

We are a cutting-edge intelligence solutions provider and our ground breaking development of applications allows the integration of data for analysis, operations, and decision making across multiple security domains.

Intelligence Analysis

T47 employees support a broad range of analytical activities throughout the U.S. Intelligence Community, from strategic policy analysis to tactical targeting activities that thwart terrorism, weapons proliferation, organized crime, drug smuggling and other threats. Our operations experts work side-by-side with our customers in support of:

  • counterterrorism
  • counterintelligence
  • illicit finance, recruitment, and technical operations
  • covert action planning
  • and other related operational activities

Intelligence Knowledge Management

Members of the Intelligence Community rely on T47 International to support the critical document and media exploitation mission. This work reflects the reliability and flexibility of our knowledge management approach. This enables information to be acquired in many forms from many sources, converted into usable formats, quality controlled and then delivered to users in the medium they need for mission success.

Our solutions bring order to data, increase opportunities for analytical discovery and create actionable knowledge through improved content management and exploitation.

Intelligence Research and Development

T47 team of research and development subject matter experts specializes in developing viable tools to advance and facilitate intelligent solutions. We think outside the traditional model of information gathering and push the envelope to improve intelligence applications.

Intelligence Support

T47 solutions provide the agility and efficiency to support numerous Intelligence Community members in areas such as improving and measuring business processes, streamlining personnel records management, speeding deployments, ensuring federal financial management compliance and conforming to newly legislated requirements.

We have access to skilled cleared professionals with intimate knowledge of intelligence business practices and associated performance management and process improvement needs.

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