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T47 is operationally ready to support facilities around the world. As your “First Call” we set the stage by providing excellent, delivering the best practices solutions to your workplace.

From the latest techniques in providing collaborative solutions to the most recent software and technologies that produce helpful corporate communication tools, T47’s Operational and Facility Management capabilities provide strategic insight for you to make informed workplace provision decisions.

Facility Support

From temporary help to high-end engineering support, T47 professional facility support technicians take pride in ensuring that the facility is top-notched and the office space receives first class treatment. Our professionals received on-going safety training to ensure that all materials are used in a safe manner.

Securing and locating goods are critical elements when supporting organizations that have the primary responsibility to delivering goods and services on -time. T47 International warehouse professionals have extensive experience supporting mission-essential operations. Our professionals specialize in using the latest supply chain methodologies to ensuring goods and services are free from compromised upon delivery and on-time.

All customers seeking hotel accommodations should expect the best of the best and T47 personnel provide this service. Our housekeepers, front desk attendants, janitors, building maintenance personnel, and laundry attendants provide exceptional service and take pride in ensuring that every bed, bathroom, and building lobby is clean and represents excellence in service.

Access Control and Personnel Security Support

T47 International team of administrators help the federal agencies manage day-to-day, face-paced office management support. Our professionals have the capabilities to support any size office and at various clearance levels. We can have experience working in isolated work sites, access control to various buildings, 24-hour operational centers, or on-call. It is our goal to help our clients run a seamless operation to ensure mission success. At a minimum we:

  • Maintain a working level understanding of the organization and its corporate business rhythms in order to effectively execute administrative requirements for the office.

  • Access Control duties such as: greeting, receiving, and assisting office visitors, to include escorting to meeting place, upon entrance/exit of the facility, or as required; answering phone calls for the purpose of recording messages, transferring calls, assisting with caller inquiries, coordinating office agendas and activities; etc.

  • Working closely with law enforcement to report access building protocols breached, and report suspicious activities.

  • Monitor alarm/video surveillance​

Acquisition and Administrative Support

  • Assist customers with developing and refining acquisition strategies, plans, source selection, statement of works, statement of objectives, performance work statements, and other key documents. 

  • Assist with the development and execution of market research and analysis.

  • Process mail to include retrieval, opening (as required), inspecting, distributing, and picking-up for mailroom delivery.

  • We utilize a unique lifecycle records management approach that assesses the value of information to agencies, how long data should be retained, and in what format and device information should be stored in given its value. 

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