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Customers and Teaming Partners Expectations

T47 International is committed to supporting our customers and teaming partners as well as future customer's need to the greatest extent possible. We take our role seriously and it is our belief that "there is more than enough" work for everyone and we want to succeed with you.

T47 service capabilities include acquisition support, budget/resource management, medical and dental (clinical and non-clinical) case management, hospitality management; facility operations, logistics and supply technical analysis, strategic analysis and governance, administrative support, and security access control. Since March 2017, we established our first contract with three (3) employees and as of February 2021, we have over 250 employees; located in thirty-one (31) states, two countries (Germany and Japan), and supporting seventeen (17) Prime contracts. T47’s growth rate since March 2017 to present an impressive 197.5%.

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