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I just wanted to touch bases with you and your company to express how Professional and committed your guys are to the Robins Air Force Base (RAFB) Mission statement and to Us here in the Master Tool crib. I could not do my Job without any of them. In the past 6 months we have exceeded the Production requirements and requests by more than 50%. This would NOT be possible without T47 employees’ involvement in the Planning and Execution phases of the workload.

One of many notable achievements was spearheading the Return of over $500,000 of Aircraft tools back into the Master tool cribs Inventory. This was done in 2 months and was a major accomplishment, due to many of the tools needed for a 50 toolbox build were in the targeted toolkits in storage. These Guys had to spend their time meticulously sorting, cleaning and grinding to get these tools back into a serviceable condition. This was no easy task and they all knocked it out the park!

Another HUGE accomplishment has been the MTC Completed Inventory. Every year we conduct our annual MTC inventory. Due to the Amount of Tools/equipment we have in our inventory, It normally takes us 2 weeks to complete the inventory and then conduct the re-counts. We got it completed and closed out in 1 week. We could not have done this without your Crew.

With that being said I just wanted to let you know that these guys impress me everyday with their professionalism and hard work. I do not think I could have a better crew than the ones I have.

Thanks – James Riser

U.S. Air Force
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