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The quality of the contractor on this contract is excellent. Always striving to do better and ensure the quality of work is matching or exceeding that of the contract. Quality Control and striving to ensure that the customer (students) receive the correct issue. During the recent Training Centers evacuation, the steadfastness of this contractor and the professionalism showed during the entire student population having to turn in and reissued again after the event. Long hours and attention to detail are hallmark from this contractor.

Schedules are very important to this contractor. Always operating on a tight schedule due to the ever-changing mission of the Training Centers, this contractor excels.

This contractor operates on a strict cost control coordinating with the COR and the CO and are well within the confines of the contract. The contractor monitors their budget and operates within the scope of it.

The management of this contractor on site is seconded to none. Always striving to pursue the best and solid way to support the Training Center as well
as provide notch service to the customer. Always communicating with the COR and the CO on any matters that comes up. The Project Manager and the team are prime examples of the coordination between the contractor and the government.

A solid company with a solid work ethic. Given what I know today about the contractor’s ability to perform in accordance with this contract I would recommend them for similar requirements in the future.

– J.R., Production Supervisor

United States Department of Homeland Security

Fiscal Year 2020 Small Business Award, Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC)

T47 International, Inc. (T47) provided excellent support services to include processing uniform orders, providing laundry services, and issuing equipment at the FLETC Glynco Training Delivery Point (TDP). When training at the Glynco campus paused temporarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic, T47 showed resilience during challenging times. The pandemic necessitated new ways of accomplishing the mission safely, and T47 quickly adapted by hiring additional staff to accommodate COVID-19 sanitization and social distancing requirements.

In March 2020, in-person training was paused. Approximately 1,700 students were required to leave issued uniforms and equipment in the dormitories. To ensure the safety of all personnel and customers, T47 retrieved those items, provided laundering and cleaning services, and restocked 47,500 items. Continuing to maintain performance, a massive uniform inventory valued at $6.6 million was conducted at the Glynco TDP.

T47 also maintained the uniform warehouse by preparing orders and receiving both uniform and equipment deliveries. In total, 18,286 new uniform orders, replacement uniform orders, and equipment items were received and inventoried by T47. When the Glynco TDP reopened, T47 prepared and issued 178,306 uniform and equipment orders. T47’s efforts also included cleaning and sanitizing 8,842 CPR mannequins and processing 209,849 pounds of uniform laundry.

T47 employees did a phenomenal job handling inventory that constantly changed. T47’s attention to detail, hard work, and dedication earned the entire team praise from the FLETC training community and over 93 partnering organizations.

United States Department of Homeland Security
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